🙋What are your spring goals for this year? 🤔Where do you see yourself health and fitness wise in the next few months?


The time will pass whether you choose to be and get healthy or not- so why not just DO IT NOW 👊and in a few months you will be thanking yourself!

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Where ya’ll going for spring break☃️☀️

I would rather be unrelatable than a liar

They told me to be relatable. 👯‍♀️Don’t do everything so hard that people won’t join you. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Well honestly I think that’s a load of crap. 🙈💩

I put in HARD WORK. 💪🏼And it shows in my body + energy. ⚡️And in my business💃🏻

I workout on vacations

I eat clean 80-90% of the time

I get up early

I put in the time

I’m consistent AF

I show up ESPECIALLY when it’s hard🥰

There isn’t anything SPECIAL 🦄or SECRET 🔮about what I’m doing. But going half ass will get you half ass results. So if that’s not relatable and you don’t want to join me – that’s fine. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I’d rather be unrelatable than a liar 😂

Let’s train together?👏👏😎

Sure you say you can just do it on your own- you “know what to do”

And maybe this is true- maybe you know what to do but you are not DOING IT! Maybe you just need a push for a few months or maybe a little longer?

Accountability changed my life and it will change yours-

I “knew” what to do too- but until I invested in myself and held myself accountable to other like minded friends is when the magic happened!

✋Stop starting and stopping and starting and stopping🛑

I know I was the 👸queen of “I will start Monday “

Lets just buckle down and do the damn thang

This is the plan you will stick with for life 👏

You have to stop searching – you don’t want to search the rest of your life do you? 🤷‍♀️

No, u don’t so just do it the right way 😎

✨“ We will show you the ropes, hang on for the ride, then soar to the top”✨

All the way in Momma…. ALL.THE.WAY.

👉Your worth it and you need to stop thinking that your not 👈💋

Hugs- Your friend in health, ad



#mic drop




Read it again



🤷‍♀️How many times have you started and stopped and started and stopped. The moment you quit your confidence goes ⬇️


Set yourself up for success by setting realistic goals

. ✨✨I am not saying don’t shoot for the stars I am just saying let’s start with making a small jump first ✨✨


Let’s hear a goal of yours for this year🙋

Maybe I can help break it down for ya💋

Did you think I was weird when I started sharing my life on social media?

Did people think it was weird when I started sharing my life on social media?
Not everyone gets it, that’s ok — I’m not here for everyone. I was doing something unconventional. I became one of “those” mom’s.

I decided to stop caring what other people “MIGHT” think of me. Not like in a day, but somewhere in my journey, it clicked. I don’t need approval or acceptance from anyone but myself and those who live in my four walls (Kevin, the kids and the dogs).
I decided to let go because the thoughts I was worried people might be thinking about me were holding me back from shining my light; from sharing my God given gifts.

I was missing out on so much joy because of it. Worrying about something that may or may not even exist. It was a complete energy suck. Other people’s opinions are none of my business. I had to release old relationships and remove toxic energy from my life in order to be true to myself and step into who I was meant to be.

Do you ever feel this way? Do you feel like you just want to do something or be something different but you are too scared to take the leap and be one of “those” mom’s?

When I started this business, it was just for me to get into better shape. That was it. Then I realized the freedom- the friendships- the LIFE that it gave me.

I threw my fears out the window and I want you to do the same…Join me?

I am now one of those “mom’s”. But, guess what- This #MOMboss just hit number one last week out of 2,700 amazing other #momboss’s. Each one of those women inspire me every single day.
**I won’t dim my light for fear shining too bright — there is space for all of us. **

“We will show you the ropes, hang on for the ride and let’s soar to the top”

**this post was truly inspired by a dear friend and #momboss.- Without her, my team and my customers I would not be where I am.**

So, is it your turn to step out and DO something?
Nothing changes if nothing changes!

Drop me a line if you’r ready! Ready to get healthier or ready to just dive into starting your own biz. Either way I am with you 110%.

Your friend in health,


A challenge for you🙋

SO THANKFUL for the loaded inbox this month! You want to know what it is like to take a stroll with me on your health and fitness journey?? then check this out….


A little about me:

I’m Addie, a stay at home mom of two sets of twins ages 2 and 4. I have always been on

a journey with my health and fitness. I have always struggled. It is tough for me to keep weight off because I LOVE food! I do like to work out so that helps, but your success is 80-90 percent of what you eat that counts. There are so many things I have battled with in this life as I know others have too. These battles have always caused me to eat my emotions. I turn to the kitchen for comfort, I always have. It does have a sort of nostalgic place in my heart- the comfort eating, that is. It reminds me of my childhood. A great childhood in fact, but I am not sure it would be defined as “healthy”. I’ll always remember that cleaning my plate resulted in getting to have a snack before bed… yep a snack before bed is what makes me nostalgic. What made me OH SO HAPPY as a child is what I now struggle with. I want a snack after dinner EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! I think about it all day in fact. And when I want to be really strict with my diet I will take away that snack before bed and let me tell you I am a GROUCH on those days. ………cont.

Page 2

Can I tell you something I am totally embarrassed about? I really am. When I was in my late teens and early 20’s, I wanted to be thin SO SO SO bad I would have done anything; even risked my life. I took every diet pill on the market, tried starving, lots of Diet Coke and cigarettes, lots of Stacker 3000, and lots of ephedrine which caused tons of sleepless nights because I was shaky and my heart would race. And a lot of anxiety from all of it. People would compliment me all the time about how much weight I had lost, but little did they know I was literally dying. Like, killing myself on the inside. …cont…


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