Fam and Fishin

#familyfridayOk, fishing…. maybe some of you do it maybe you don’t but I highly recommend this sport for your family….. boys or girls!!!! They had SO much fun last weekend fishing! It is such a great family bonding time and yes mama you can hook that bait…. I did! Try it out and what’s more fun is taking the catch home and teaching the kiddos how to cook up their catch. What an amazing feeling of accomplishment for you and for them! We have to teach them young you guys– they soak it ALL in right now! We even put a fake fishy on the end when we are home and they fish off the deck for hours!!! They love practicing casting and bringing it in and I love that they are entertaining themselves for a bit #amiright

Cauliflower casserole: this is a great way to feed the whole fam …. who doesn’t love a comfort food casserole? But all of those seem to contain a crapload of carbs and cheese so here is a delicious way to slim it down without losing taste…

Microwave head of cauliflower cut up a bit for 8 minutes with about 1/4 cup water …. drain and lay out on tea towel to dry out completely

Mash it up well but not mashed potatoe style more like chunks-

Brown a pound of lean ground beef

Sauté green peppers onions and mushrooms and maybe green beans (fresh) in olive oil until tender 

Mix all of this together with one egg and a few tbs of carbquick, ONE CAN of cream of mushroom soup, a few tbs of almond milk and about 1/4 C of shredded Parmesan or mozzarella

Put this all in casserole dish and sprinlkle another 1/4-1/2 cup of the cheese

Bake 350 for about 30-45 minutes until golden…. enjoy— it tastes like a noodley, ricey cheesey dish but it’s not. #noodley #ricey #thosernotwords #iknow #itsfine​

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