Family Friday….7/14!

FAMILY FRIDAY YA’LL! Yep it is Friday again! YES! Get ready, get set and GO have a great weekend with your family.Maybe this will entail a game of……HOT POTATO! What a fun loving game to play with the kids you guys. For real—I am always looking for activities to do with the kids that are some form of moving our bodies—this is a winner every time! Play until they are so tired that they need a nap! And that is the goal my friends, to keep yourself sane until the ever loved NAPTIME!! What would we do without it! 
:)Ok, recipe for the weekend—everyone is asking about the delicious crispy rolls I posted a few days back—egg rolls! My family LOVED them and I still am eating them. The egg roll itself is not the most nutritious food but what you PUT INSIDE is what is! In a pan with EVOO I sauted onion- riced cauliflower- shredded cabbage- mushroom chopped- and a few peppers- until tender then— here it is—the easy way out when you don’t wanna cook – I BOUGHT a rotisserie chicken……took the skin off and shredded it put that all in the pan with the veggies poured about a ¼ C of low sodium soy sauce in and stirred well- then placed the mixture in the egg rolls, rolled them up and dabbed a bit of water on the outside to keep it all together. Placed about 6 at a time in the AIR FRYER…you can buy here…. Put just about a TBS of olive oil over them and at 425 for 7 minutes then flipped for another 7 and presto!! They taste like fried egg rolls but they have like a tenth of the fat from frying with the air fryer!!! SO SO GOOD!

Container count for three of these is one red one green and one yellow!!!

WOOOHOO for the weekend! Don’t have time for a workout- ok fine—do 50 squats 25 push-ups 50 sit-ups morning and before bed—BOTH DAYS!



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