I have my days—I do! Today being one of them…. I 100 percent wanted to overload on the kettle corn we bought at the pumpkin patch and eat the cheesy lasagna I made yesterday with garlic bread gallor—I wanted to give into this before 11 am today……I am having a day where I am feeling a bit blah. Kevin was off all last week and I took “off” too. I just kind of relaxed all week and didn’t stress too much about working out or eating 90/10—I more less ate a lot of “cheats” last week. When we are all home together it is just nice to relax and indulge sometimes. Now coming off of that funfilled free week – it is MONDAY again and we are back to the normal….back to the routine. I almost find that it is harder to take off and come back – instead of feeling refreshed I feel a bit sluggish and like I said – blah.

I decided to get my mind off of the carbs in the house looking at me and brought up all of my tubs for winter/fall clothes. 2 of them full of clothes that I have NOT looked at in a couple years—last year I was NOT at my goal weight at this time and the year before I was pregnant- the year before that not at goal and year before that pregnant…So, I guess it has been like 4 years (some stuff probs out of style –lol) As I started to go through these old clothes memories came floating back- some good some bad. I decided I am going to go through and get rid of some. I started trying them on—I literally could not believe it – they were literally all either baggy or fit perfectly (like they were intended to fit but I always wore them too tight and was always uncomfortable) but now— I felt amazing in them ALL- I did. Loose fitting jeans- loose fitting sweaters—no more tightness in the sleeves or the butt or anywhere—even my tall boots were fitting looser on my legs than ever have before….I got rid of a lot of clothes today but only the ones that were TOO baggy they looked sloppy.. I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE HAD THIS HAPPEN! Never! I have never changed out to a new season of clothes and had this happen when things fit BETTER than the year before or LOOSER or even TOO BIG! Can’t put a price tag on that my friend…you think I am nuts that I spend a little extra on my superfoods and my eating – but YOU 100 PERCENT cannot put a price tag on this feeling I felt today— GOOD BYE BLAH feeling and HELLO – even more motivated than ever!

No desire to eat like sh*t now—none—superfood shake in hand and ready to conquer the world !


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