Tastes like Suntan lotion! 

I am not a big drinker- used to be but not anymore. Two sets of twins in two years will change you- A LOT. For the better I would say. Recently the hubs and I went out for a night on the town- I have not been out in SO LONG- at the bar the bartender asks me what I want– FIVE minutes later I have no idea what I want….I just dont. I know it cant be too strong – I have not drank in forever if its too strong I will be dancing on the bar within the hour……Can’t be too weak- if too weak I might as well bring my sleeping bag and take a nap…….needed something just right in the middle of strong and weak – I wanted to have a drink that just was enough to take the edge off without feeling like crap the next day. This got me thinking- a lot. When we go out- sometimes we dont really want to drink but we also dont want to feel like we are the only ones not having a good time and socailizing….we know as we get older though how hard those hang overs can be– am i right! 

I heard through the grapevine that coconut water cures a hangover- I also heard that Malibu doesnt really get you “drunk” — what can i do with this??? 

Tastes like Suntan lotion COCKTAIL! (Name creds to my cousins husband)

In a tumbler fill with ice

Add first Pierre LIME flavored mineral water (water with cocktails =hydration)

Add a shot of Malibu and a shot of VANILLA vodka ( I did half a shot of each)

Add a splash of Coconut Bai Tea ( this will give you a little energy boost !)

Top with Coconut water (helps also with hydration and staying ahead of that dreaded hangover)

Stir up and squeeze fresh lime wedge over


Note: a glass of water in between cocktails is crucial to staying hydrated and feeling good the next day!

Position : have two for a YELLOW container!

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