Should I buy Organic?

😷TOP DIRTIEST FOODS👇!!!!!!!PLZ READIn having a conversation with my children’s Pediatrician today, I was asking her ALL about the importance of buying organic. I was telling her the changes we have made and the expense and if it was all really worth it. She shared with me this website EWG…..Environmental Working Group. They did studies on the MOST contaminated produce out there.
EWG’s foods IN ORDER FROM MOST pesticides to least—If you are going to buy organic and cant afford to go ALL in – try to buy the first 12 on the list organic- those contain the most pesticides…..


1. Strawberries—CONTAINS the most😝 PESTICIDES!

2. Spinach

3. Nectarines

4. Apples

5. Peaches

6. Pears

7. Cherries

8. Grapes

9. Celery

10. Tomatoes

11. Sweet Bell Peppers

12. Potatoes

13. Cucumbers

14. Cherry Tomatoes

15. Lettuce

16. Snap peas, Imported

17. Blueberries, Domestic

18. Hot Peppers

19. Kale/Collards

20. Blueberries, Imported

21. Green Beans- Domestic

22. Plums

23. Tangerines

24. Raspberries

25. Carrots

26. Winter Squash

27. Oranges

28. Summer Squash

29. Green Beans- Imported

30. Snap-Peas, Domestic

31. Bananas

32. Green Onions

33. Watermelon

34. Mushrooms

35. Sweet Potatoes

36. Broccoli

37. Grapefruit

38. Cauliflower

39. Cantaloupe

40. Kiwi

41. Honeydew Melon

42. Eggplant

43. Mangoes

44. Papayas

45. Asparagus 

46. Sweet Peas- frozen

47. Onions

48. Cabbage

49. Pineapples

50. Avocado

51. Corn- Seems to be the SAFEST🌽
🤦‍♀️I know it can be so costly to be organic….My plan is to be sure the top 12- the “dirty dozen”- I will buy organic. Those are said to be the most full of pesticides. The 2012 American Academy of Pediatrics study reported that these pesticides are in fact linked to Pediatric Cancer- decreased Cognitive Function and Behavioral problems. I know all of the info can get so overwhelming – it was to me when reading…so I just wanted to keep this short and to the point. There is SO MUCH more to learn but this is where I am at for now and I will keep studying and keep sharing.

This is not my findings – I took this information from the EWG website and felt the need to share this information. The more we know the more we can prevent and the more we know the more we can share this knowledge with the people we love the most in our lives. It all has to start somewhere with someone- YOU be the start!

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