YOU CAN DO THIS- the power of 7times

👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👦‍👦2 sets of twins in 2 years—I am not looking for compliments – I am not looking for praise- I am just wanting to tell you if I CAN DO THIS SO CAN YOU!!

*❤️❤️Here is what…..did you know on average it takes someone 6 times of saying NO to something new before that 7th time of committing to it! 6 time of telling themselves they cant or wont do it until that 7th time someone reaches out again to them and they say- what do i have to lose…does this make sense? What I am saying is you might be thinking on this but just not ready yet to dive in- but IF I REPEAT MYSELF 7 TIMES that YOU CAN DO THIS– eventually you will give in to me and say YES I CAN!!!!!!! That is why i don’t ever give up on people– i dont! I remember my coach reaching out to me for a FULL YEAR before I gave it MY 110% — it has changed my life– changed MY LIFE PEOPLE!!

🙋I AM HERE WHEN YOU ARE READY TO HIT THE RESET and GO!! What are you waiting for– this life is SO SHORT……IF YOU DONT DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT than nothing will change– this maybe uncomfortable for some of you- maybe you want know one to know you are reaching out to me- but trust me I TELL NO ONE unless you want me to and – we are ALL in my groups for the same exact reason– I would not let one person in this club that is judgmental- or critical- this is a SAFE PLACE TO JUST BE YOU!! BE YOU__ THAT is all you can BE! And its perfect!

….💜i am not posting this picture of myself for glory or compliment- i am posting it to show you that this can be done- this works- i have never in my life stuck with something for over a year — actually I have been using portion control and workouts with BB for 3 years and started shakes almost 1 year ago– i want you to see my progress– this is almost a year ago and this is now!

👉This is what 17 pounds looks like gone!!

GET EXCITED ABOUT HEALTH!! It wont happen overnight- small changes daily – small changes daily- say it to yourself- small changes daily 🙂

🎅🏻25 days of fitness enrollment is open now!! Virtual Bootcamp- recipes- motivation and more!! LETS DO THIS!! You will automatically be enrolled in the new year group then too!! No need to think about workouts or anything I do the thinking for you this month!! MESSAGE ME or COMMENT interested and I will reach out!

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