My friends over at sent this super fun activity to my kids! Stuck inside in the winter can totally make us go a bit stir crazy and have cabin fever— already!! You will want to for sure check this website out for more fun activities that will help you find creative ways to keep your kids using their thinking caps during winter break and keep them occupied indoors!

We did the winter maze as you can see here! This is just one fun example as well! Teachers- you will find lots of ideas as well for students of all ages! Here is a link to this maze ….

Another note on family: Do you have a hard time getting all your kids fruits and veggies in their little bellies? Do you kids experience constipation as well as other possible belly troubles? Do you have some fussy eaters on your hands?? NOT TO WORRY- our company makes SUPERFOODS JUST FOR KIDS!! Ask me about this delicious ALL NATURAL – ORGANIC superfoods powder for your kiddos- along with this we also have 100’s of recipes on our ON DEMAND website that are family friendly AND workouts for your kiddos to enjoy AS WELL as WORKOUTS that are made for the entire FAMILY! That is right- this company not only cares about adult health WE CARE about your whole family!

Here is a great superfoods recipe to try that the whole family will just love…..

CAN YOU SAY healthy treat to pass at school??? #nailedit

Let’s head into the New Year bettering not only ourselves but our whole family!

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