Happy FRI-YAY!!!!!

Have you wanted something more? For yourself? Or do you just need to be held accountable? Do you wonder how I can afford this all natural lifestyle and workouts from home? I will tell ya- I TOO was skeptical- I only signed on for this #coachlife because of the discount….but you want to know what this has done for me? It has made me stay accountable- yes…but I have never been this in shape before IN MY LIFE- AFTER sets of twins….I mean I used to workout twice a day before kids and never had these results…NOW 30 minutes a day and DONE! Sometimes I don’t want to do it but as a “coach” now I am held accountable. Here is the thing….I love being home but wanted more- wanted to be able to be home with the kids but get up every day and feel like I am needed somewhere else too- like in the working adult world….without getting out of my yoga pants and leaving the house! This has been such an amazing ride for me- BUT THE WOMEN and MEN in this group- they are so amazing- always cheering each other on…other coaches helping out other coaches and the main purpose is to HELP OTHERS….that is ALL of our intentions—no cattiness or drama- just coaches helping coaches help others!….Even if you are only in it for the discount- TRUST me you want in on this group…I am getting new ideas and updates daily from these ladies and guys too—I would NOT be the coach I am without them…..I love that we help each other and lift one another!

If you want to join this group- or just want my discount on these amazing products… reach out! NOW IS THE TIME—we start a new group on Jan. 8th! And trust me you will want in on this-! Can you say SPRING BREAK!! Yes we will push each other right into spring breaK! WHO IS IN!??!?!?! ( it doesn’t hurt to ask?? #amiright) Like minded people- who are ready to hustle – who are ready to dig deep that is who belongs on this team!

**for more info or just to see the discounts and what it all entails reach out!

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