ANXIETY- is annoying

So there is this….. If we should only be concerned of what God thinks of us and not others than why so much anxiety when going to a kids Christmas concert knowing I would be seeing people I have not seen in 20 years. The thing is—well, first am I the only one? Who feels so silly sometimes that anxiety hits me at the weirdest times? I mean, I didn’t think about it all day then I get there and I am like- bam- TONS OF people I have not seen in years all right here in the same room. What do they think of me? Of my kids? My family…….when this hits me I say to myself over and over – it doesn’t matter what people think all that matters is what GOD thinks….but here it is …..

THESE people ARE NOT THINKING ABOUT ME!! They are not even paying attention to me— they are thinking about their precious kids on stage hoping they all can hold it together long enough to sing a few songs and be cute and merry and on there way to the Christmas season.

When you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed- remember this- NO ONE IS THINKING about what you did 20 years ago – or heck 20 minutes ago….and if they are then – really…Who the hell cares.

Listen to this please..👇👇👇👇no longer slaves by Jonathan David

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