I press on

**🙋So, I am at class last night with my yoga peeps who have now become like friends to me and I notice every week that they all kind of come in and go to the back. You know what I mean right? When you are in a group class setting (wether it is fitness class or just any class) most people try to take the back row- the back seat – try to be unnoticed a bit. Maybe under cover a bit. Maybe they are new and feeling a little doubt or maybe they are just uncomfortable with down dog and want no one behind them? I notice this in my dance class too-in fact I have noticed this the past almost 10 years as a group fitness instructor. Most people just like and feel most comfortable in the back row.

👉Believe it or not – I was that girl.I was the back row chick. I was. I wanted no one to see me or look at me or even to know I was there. I honestly cant even believe that I would go to these classes knowing who I was 15 years ago. I mean- I was so terrified at what people thought and how I would look and what if I couldn’t do the move that I can NOT believe that I even went to those classes.

🤷‍♀️So – now – for me to be front and center. Crazy! I was back row and ashamed and NOW I am front and center. With not really a doubt in the world of myself (when I am teaching that is). I am so sure of my class and my knowledge and my goal in the class that I have the most confidence I have ever had in my life when I am teaching a fitness class. I really do.

❤️Are you in the back row? Are you sitting in the back feeling doubt and unsure and some insecurities? If this is you I want YOU to know that you can find your way to the front row- front and center even. YOU CAN! I was not always this way guys- I was FAR from this confident person that I am today….THERE IS HOPE! Now- I am not talking about “back row in class” only – I am just talking about “back row in life” DON’T FEEL LIKE YOU cant MOVE TO THE FRONT ROW OF YOUR LIFE- because you ABSOLUTELY CAN!

👉I was not born with confidence – mental or physical confidence people. I wasn’t. I was so FAR FROM this I cant even find the word to tell you how far I was from this. I had NO CONFIDENCE in myself. LIKE ZERO!

👶BABY steps to the FRONT ROW in your life- ok- ONE DAY AT A TIME. Where do you feel insecure in your life?

What helped me…..

💃I kept on taking those classes- I kept getting better- I kept at it….I started to feel like I had more knowledge the more I did it….then slowly started learning about nutrition…slowly started experimenting with cooking…I started to pray A LOT…but SLOWLY is the key here…..I did not say I am going to be fit and healthy and confident and it just happened overnight people- THIS IS years in the making….BUT YOU CAN DO IT!!

🙏TRY SOMETHING NEW!!! What are you scared of? Is it a group fitness class that intimidates you? Is it something at work that holds you back? Or at home? Or with friends or family.

💪I encourage you TODAY to do something that will better YOU and step into the unknow zone!! Whatever that is….take a class…cook something different….apply for that job…try my program? If you have been teetering on the idea of what I do exactly I would love to help guide you on the road to more confidence.

✅People actually are not judging you as much as you think they are…MOST PEOPLE are worried about you judging them…YOU might really envy someone in life- but guess what…SOMEONE really LOOKS up to you too! I promise.😘

2 thoughts on “I press on”

  1. I just love ya girl! Thanks for your honesty, being real, and putting yourself out there to help others. It’s beautiful! Wish we were closer! 😘


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