Do you compare yourself to other’s? Wishing you had HER legs or HER abs or lost as much weight as HER (or him-yes guys too compare). YOU ARE UNIQUE and BEAUTIFULLY made….you are exactly who you are supposed to be. The struggles you face today are the struggles that are making you in this moment right now. Embrace your so called “flaws” we all feel like we have flaws or we all think these things like….but if…but if I had more willpower…but if I had more energy…but if I had more time- less stress – was younger- was this or that…. I mean we could BUT IF our lives away….BUT WE WONT..

Comparing and But IFFING our lives away will get you know where.. RIGHT NOW WE STAND TALL AND PROUD OF WHO WE ARE AND WHERE WE ARE. This is it guys- you were given this- not anyone else on this earth was named to be you…ONLY YOU WERE. AND YOU ARE PERFECT. Listen, God don’t make no mistakes. You are facing your battle for a reason- you will get through and you will be even better than you ever have been before!

I don’t love everything about myself either- I can honestly say I was the girl who compared the hell out of other women…taller – skinnier- prettier—smarter—but then something happened….like a light flashed or something clicked and I literally just started embracing…..EMBRACING all the things I didn’t love about myself…like…my legs are short and stout…but without them I could not teach dance or run or do yoga….my belly is saggy and scarred…BUT babies came out of there….my nose is huge but it is a DROESSLER nose and I am so proud to be one….I mean I could serious go on…I am a recovering perfectionist ..but that makes me good at my jobs….Then all of a sudden I got this CONFIDENCE in me and once I had that NO ONE CAN take it away….you know what is more beautiful than anything WALKING AROUND WITH CONFIDENCE!

Every single time that you think of something you don’t like about yourself I WANT YOU TO WRITE IT IN YOUR JOURNAL and then right a reason why YOU DO LOVE THIS SO CALLED “flaw”…..SAY THIS TO YOURSELF EVERY DAY— “I AM EXACTLY WHO I AM SUPPOSED TO BE AND I LOVE IT!” Maybe you think affirmations are for the birds….but the birds seem mighty happy to me !

Xoxo- ad

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