Veggie cookies!


That is right folks- there are veggies in these cookies and my kids have gobbled them all up in a few days.

HERE is what- I know that the serving of veggies is not huge in these at all- but they act as a filler and that is better than the extra sugars and flour and other stuff- right?


1 stick of butter

¼ C Truvia (sugar sub)

¼ C Coconut sugar

¼ C Psyllium Husk (this is a must- high in fiber too!-but it’s a must for the cookies to raise-)link below

½ tsp vanilla extract (pure)

½ C riced cauliflower (frozen)

½ C Carbquik (link below) or almond flour-link below

¼ C Cacao Nibs (chocolate high in fiver which helps with carbs)link below

1 egg

¼ C peanut butter (natural)

¼ C 60% or higher chocolate chips


Butter+truvia+coconut sugar+vanilla+egg+peanut butter

Now add riced cauliflower+psyllium husk + Flour

Now add in chocolate

Bake as cookies at 350 ….these took a while to bake but DON’T over bake….I checked every 5-7 minutes . I am saying about 15 minutes they were golden. Take out just before seeming completely done so they don’t get dry.

SO when even a little soft on the top take out.

Still count these as a yellow-but a “good yellow”lol have 2

Psyllium Husk-


Cacao Nibs-

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