Are you an emotional eater?

🤷‍♀️What is, Honestly the one thing that you know you need to give up?

👉Could it be emotional eating? 👈I am happy I eat I am sad I eat I am bored I eat I am celebrating I eat I am grieving I eat I am pissed off I eat…do any of these sound familiar?🙋

So many of us struggle with the emotional eating… that “comfort” food mentality of the stuff that’s not always so good for us- that will make us “FEEL” better. I struggle with this too. I know the feeling- but does it really make you “FEEL” better? Or does it make you feel worse?

We have to find other ways to cope if this is your struggle…other ways to make us “feel” better. I know that it is easier said than done ok- I do…BUT IT CAN BE DONE!! It can. Next time you are going to give into temptation think WHY? Why are you grabbing that candy bar, soda, beer, chips why? What is the trigger? Will this really fulfill you- the giving into temptation> or will it lead you down a road that you just DON’T want to go? YOU HAVE COME THIS FAR……don’t let your emotions be the end of this journey guys…just don’t- WRITE IT DOWN!!! WRITE DOWN why you want to eat that candy bar and if you eat it write how you felt after you ate it….if you DON’T give in then write down how GREAT YOU FELT after the success of NOT giving in!!

LISTEN… I know – I know all of it – I swear I do….today was emotional on a lot of levels…Long story but I have to give up something I love doing because of family and sitters and more it is TOUGH… (I was traveling to Mount Horeb one day a week to do hair for my AMAZING clients that I still have up in that area) anyway I am bummed I want to eat cake and crap all day long…so I thought long about this…..why and will it make me feel better? I thought about the spring weather and about you guys and about discipline- I thought about how shitty I would feel after and how my day would just be crap—SO instead—I made something healthy and satisfying and moved on!!

Defeat!!! WOOHOO_– ain’t no cookie or cake gonna take the wind out of my sails today!!

YOU CAN DO IT!! Just reach out when you struggle and I will talk with ya:) or write it down- JOURNALING CAN CHANGE YO LIFE people!just do it!!

Xoxo- ad

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