I have a Choice

👉🤓I am choosing to get up and make this a good day-! So are you!! 👏We have choices in our life. Did you know that—did you know that LOVE❤️ and HAPPINESS 😊are choices that we make. Love and happiness are also VERBS- It is what we CHOOSE to do and how we choose to act…. So – please get up and if today, you don’t feel like it- just CHOOSE to do it anyway. If you don’t feel like being happy or healthy or loving or anything- just CHOOSE TO DO IT!

😎Make a choice and stick with it. We all have our days- we do- but it is what we do with those negative feelings and negative days that makes us or breaks us. It is not going to be easy to choose happiness and love but IT CAN BE DONE. ✅You might have days where everything seems against you or everything seems to be falling apart or days that it feels like what your doing is just not worth it—but 🤓I AM HERE TO TELL YOU IT IS WORTH IT! SO KEEP GOING!! If all of our days were full of perfection and positivity we would not learn anything. Those negative 🙁feelings or negative days are what makes us stronger and more appreciative of the 😎HAPPY days! ✨Don’t dwell on the times you feel like crap or that nothing is going your way- just SUCK IT UP and do something about it. ✨If a bunch of things got in your way today – your way of working out- or your way of eating healthy – or if you gave into temptation at 8 am already—just pick yourself up and 🙌START new…don’t keep sinking into the trap of negative-..GET UP AND MAKE THE CHANGE……IF you have bad days and think “well, I had a super stressful day or I didn’t get much sleep or I have to do this or do that so I am going to skip my workout and eat like shit tonight” if you feel this way I AM HERE TO TELL YOU TO STOP!! 🤚YOU HAVE A CHOICE……giving into this crap is NOT GOING TO MAKE IT BETTER_- it just isnt!! LET THAT NEGATIVE GO……one life—one choice.. you with me!!?? 👉CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY AND TO BE LOVING AND CHOOSE YOUR HEALTH—DID YOU EVER regret a workout or a day of healthy choices?? Did you? DID you ever regret skipping a workout💪 and binging on a bag of candy?

Anyone need that pep talk like i did?? 🙋

Happy day folks

💋Xoxo- AD

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