16 years…..WOWZERS!! I have been a stylist in Madison for 16 years!! So many clients so much hair! So many conversations so many new people so many happy clients so many not so happy clients. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED in these 16 years of me meeting new customers that came and went. A lot of good and a lot of not so good.

Nights and weekends and holidays….that was my life. I remember when I started in this business my entire family was SO AGAINST IT. You wont want to work those crappy hours you wont have benefits you wont make any money. BOY WERE THEY RIGHT… the beginning that is. You don’t just graduate beauty school and start making tons of money, ok? You just don’t- but do you with any job really? You have to put in the time- the effort- work your way up- gain trust. It doesn’t happen overnight.

JC Penney is where it all started….2002 I think… I literally picked up one day and just went to Madison and found the first job I could. It was good- it was ok. I met SO MANY cool people and was exposed to SO much that my little town never could have shown me in a million years. I learned a lot there though….I made a TON of mistakes too! But that is how you become good…make mistakes learn to fix them and so on. Then Regis came…just at the other end of the mall. 2004 is when I started there. A lot younger crowd and some amazing friendships were formed there. WE HAD FUN! We did – dressed to the 9’s every single day – I mean how did I afford that- for real? Worked our butts off for very little money. Memories were made though- lots of great customers came through those doors too. Off to start my own business in 2006. Just down the road from the mall. WAS SO SO SCARED- what if no one would come? No clients? What if I could not make rent? OMG – all the what if’s! But- I did it- with a group of friends and we all made it! Next came Stoughton….I was so scared no one would follow me all the way to Stoughton but I had to make the move for my husband and our family I thought we would be starting- this was 2008. 2008-2014 I was in Stoughton… it was great but best about it was these clients- these faithful clients that stuck with me and made the drive and worked with my schedule. I could NOT have asked for better. Some had to leave me which I totally understood but those faithful ones- I mean they become your friends- some not only friends like they become DEAR FRIENDS-family in a way. They know more about me than some of my family ever will!

2014 I had to quit – twins were born….I NEVER thought I would quit this career I worked so hard for…. I mean I was down to never working weekends or nights anymore and was making a good living! We decided to move closer to my family so Mount Horeb it was- I did continue to work Saturday mornings – thank GOODNESS for my cousin Dana…she took me in and let me use her salon like it was my own…..I have been working there one day a week since. Today though- it is coming to an end. I am genuinely in TEARS. I am scared and nervous and unsure…I mean I didn’t make a ton of money one day a week but it certainly helps with diapers and food and other things….so I am a bit worried— but that is not was upsetting me the most. I AM MOST UPSET to lose these DEAR FRIENDS who, yes are clients….BUT THEY ARE FRIENDS>>>GOOD GOOD FRIENDS . I love em. I mean they have stuck with me through it all!! They ALL HAVE BEEN THERE AND worked with my shitty schedule and my kids being sick and me being sick and just everything- they know like..literally everything. They are family. My heart- it hurts…..but it is time to close the book. I live here now-….My kids will soon be involved in more and more here in my new town and I have to be present in every way. This 16 year chapter in my book is ending….and a new one is beginning and I am scared shittless.. can I say that? Well, I am. I know it is best for my family and for myself I do- BUT why does it have to be so hard. I mean YOU KNOW THAT YOU LOVE your JOB when you are sobbing thinking of it coming to and end.

Thank YOU my dear dear clients who have been with me thick and thin. YOU are forever in my heart! We have a friendship that is so unique and so special and I hope we can continue it even though I wont physically see you every 6-8 weeks…we are still friends…I am still here for ya and that will never change.

XOXO_ ad

2 thoughts on “TO MY CLIENTS”

  1. Awwww!!!! Love you dear, Addie!! God closes one door, but many open! Keep the faith!! Family first and then whatever else may come! Will love ya forever! So happy God made us friends! ❤️💗💌


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