Do you do what someone else does?? Ever feel Jealous

Ever feel Jealous?

👋Do you do what someone else does??

⚡️Are you a hairdresser?

⚡️Are you a professional?

⚡️A teacher?

⚡️A business owner?

⚡️An entrepreneur?

⚡️Are you a SAHM?

⚡️Fitness instructor?



⚡️Sell products you believe in?




⚡️Are you up for a job promotion against someone else?

⚡️Do you have the same taste as someone else?

⚡️The same car?


⚡️Are you a Christ follower?

⚡️Are you a good cook?

⚡️Do you like to inspire and be inspired?

⚡️To read?

⚡️To run?

⚡️To write?

🤔Do you feel annoyed or mad when someone else is doing what you are doing? Do you feel like- hey I do that or I sell that or I like to make that? Do you feel envy or jealousy just a little when you are up against someone doing the same kind of thing as you? Do you feel pissed😤 off when someone else says EXACTLY what you were going to say or what you are thinking? Do you feel intimidated that someone else is doing what you want to do, only better? Do you feel upset 😠or angry when someone is succeeding at WHAT you are good at and you want to do? Do you feel a little resentment😖 when someone has a nicer car or a prettier home or smarter kid or longer legs or better hair or better cloths nicer friends, etc. etc.etc……

Ok if this is NOT EVER HOW YOU FEEL than you are amazing❤️🙋 and I wish I had your confidence all the time….but if sometimes you feel this …even just one of these things sometimes it crosses your mind then listen….

😎You are normal…you are… we are normal to feel this way sometimes- IT IS COMPLETELY NORMAL!!!!!!!! Do you hear me- I bet 99 percent of us think this way at some point in our lives…and I am here to tell ya DON’T be upset about it- its fine- we have all been there and some still are and some that never have will be one day…I guarantee it..

🤓I promise you that if you reached out to the person you feel this way to I promise that they , 9 times out of 10 , will make an amazing friend….WHY? Because – you obviously both have things in common- you both like the same things want the same things do the same things…..I would approach it like this- HEY….can you tell me how you did this or have this where did you get that….YOU WILL LIFT EACH OTHER_ you are LIKE MINDED-

👯You will make great friends….and we honestly need those kind of people in our lives…people we share interest with- you make each other better…

🤷‍♀️Does this make sense? I am surely rambling….I hope you sort of get what I am saying here….


❤️Instead of sitting back stewing on someone’s success reach out and ask them how they got there!!❤️

Xoxo- ad

NOTE: I write theses things because I too have felt it!

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