FOOD hangover- anyone?

🙋Ever have a FOOD hangover? Do you know what this is? I sure do!! My husband got me away last night- he took me on an overnight to the dells which was super fun!! It was! And it was “vacation” or as my kids say “holiday” (peppapig)

🤷‍♀️Anyway- I needed to go- I needed a break I needed to relax…actually I promised I would do no work for the whole day (besides some check ins to my groups – which I don’t think is work at all -lol) We had a great time- we did- hiking and eating and antiquing and a few pulls at the good ole ho chunk (I know I know – but its kind of fun). So- I ate….i had burger and fries and ice cream and PIZZA!!! 🍕🍔🍨

I have to say the less I eat this kind of stuff the less I like 🤢it- I am sorry and you may find me boring but it is true- it tasted so greasy and made me feel super sluggish. 🚶‍♀️I mean it was good – the ice cream was amazing- BLUE MOON- my fav. But, today- o today- I am SO SO SWOLLEN and SO bloated and just feel like S*iT. I do- I just feel like crap- I am not mentally upset though- not at all- like I would have been in the past…I would have said screw it and ate like crap now the rest of the weekend and beat myself up-= but not anymore- I embrace our day together- not thinking about calories or container or anything like that ….I just feel like I am “hungover”from food hands are so incredibly swollen I mean even my feet!! Anyone else get this?? Yuck!!!🤦‍♀️

💑I had a great get away with him- I did – it is so awesome that I can pick up and do “holiday” anytime I want – I can work from wherever I want and make my own schedule. I loved every minute of it….but I have to say- I don’t really feel Iike I need a break from my life. I really don’t- I love being home and being with my kids and my animals- and the hubs too. I do. I know it is good for us to have breaks without the kids -together..i do. But, I feel extremely lucky to have a life that I don’t feel like I need a “break” from.

I feel grateful for my new way of thinking of food and alcohol at that. I am happy to report 2 Malibu and soda went down fine and I was able to stop at just that….and I STILL had fun!!

If anything I learned from this little spur of the moment get away it is this-

❤️1. Kevin and I STILL after all these years have SO much to talk about together and share so many interests which keeps our relationship authentic and happy. We still got it even when kids are not here.

😎2. I have a hard time relaxing – I have a hard time just letting go but when I do it feels GREAT!

💪3. Hiking Devils Lake was NOT as hard for me as it was years ago when we did it (better shape than ever!!)

🤔4. I don’t like gambling like I used to

👏5. I have more discipline than ever before around alcohol

💃6. FOOD is not my enemy – it is my fuel- I fueled it wrong yesterday and today I pay but I am not dwelling on it at all- not one bit…it feels SO GOOD to not have that battle anymore- that mental battle of “messing up” it was not a mess up at all it was planned and enjoyable meals with kevin and NO kiddos!

🤓7. I am SO HAPPY TO BE ABLE TO WORK FROM ANYWHERE!! I am up early in the “office lounge” and able to do some writing before we get up to hike again!


Enjoy your Friday friends!! Thanks for reading- I would love to reset your way of thinking about food and workouts- please reach out for a change on thinking…WE are releasing a new serious- I am training now- it is learning about food and mentally changing the way we think— not based on workouts at all for success…. Workouts will be a bonus but not a requirement.

If you struggle with food and how you think and feel around it and about it and you have no time to workout – THIS WILL BE FOR YOU!!!

😍Xoxo- ad

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