Lose Weight and No working out? Wha??

Ok, listen. For reals listen to this lady confessing right here .this lady is me….

I will keep this short as possible.

Before KIDS before- I worked out ALL THE TIME. I did. NEVER missed a workout. Sometimes I taught like 3-5 classes a day. How did I do that? AND ….AND I weighed in at 15 lbs more than I do now. YES !!! Me, I did. I worked out ALL THE TIME and I weighed more than I do now. And I have birthed 4 kids in the meantime.


Then I had these kids. I had them and I quit my job. I was home all day long with them. ALL DAY. So, yes I was busy but I had ALL day to get a workout in. So, I did. FAITHFULLY every. Single. Day.


I love working out- it mentally gets you going it physically is amazing and it does help with some weightloss IF AND ONLY IF you eat correctly. You can kill yourself working out and not lose a pound- like I used to. OR you can eat right and possibly not even workout much and LOSE.

Now, my kids are getting older. I knew once they were going to be starting school more I would start working a job more. The big boys are in half days but headed next fall into full days. I have slowly but surely started working a little more. I run 2 businesses and work for my church – I also take care of a mini farm and am writing a book (don’t get too excited I am on page 3 and I have started over like 20 times!) ALL while raising kids and trying to be healthy. I am tired just typing that.Something had to give. It just did. I had to make more room in my day. I could not be committed 6 days a week sometimes 7 to 30 minutes or more. I just cant. I get it now you guys.



Do you see what I am saying ? I am saying I get you- I get you not being able to give me 6 days of 30 minutes a day! I GET YOU- I AM YOU! A momma with a JOB and KIDS and Laundry and cleaning and this and that and running errands and just doing it ALL and then you expect me to give in 6 days of 30 minutes a day to working out.



It was not happening for me- you will notice I have not been posting as many sweaty selfies – even ask my groups. I just don’t have time to do the workouts like I used to. If I get a 20 minute walk in now I call it good. If I stretch at night- good. If I play with the kids I am good. I am still being active but I am not giving it ALL every single day. I was feeling as though I was slipping….and then this…this new program all about eating. NOTHING TO DO WITH WORKING OUT WHAT SO EVER!!


I felt like it was literally made for ME!!!! Made for me to try and me to spread the WORD> made for me to learn and to help other mommas feeling the same as me. BUSY!! Overwhelmed! All of it….



This has been amazing. It truly has made me rethink the way I eat. I am not going to lie and say portion control system didn’t work because you guys IT DOES- portion control ALONG with working out WORKS AMAZING!! It helped me lose over 85 pounds….but that was at a time I could do all the workouts…now I am just not able to do as many workouts – not at this moment in my life. I will still workout- you know I will …but not for weight loss or even maintenance…not for that at all…I will work out to feel good about myself and be strong WHEN I can find the time and really enjoy it.

5 pounds shed off of me last week- I am not even trying to lose weight. I mean I do kind of teeter back and forth with a couple pounds but this is a good comfy weight for me so when I go up and down I don’t fret. But, last week when I lost and I did not get all my workouts in – I was SHOCKED…SHOCKED to say the least.



I feel you sister- I feel you and your busy life. Let me help you. Let me retrain your brain with eating- and you will feed your belly your families belly AND YOUR SOUL with goodness. You will NOT be sorry!

Ok – super long.

Once again. #sorrynotsorry


Hugs, ad

Here is my why.. right here..I want them to learn how to eat healthy from ME…i dont want them to struggle with eating… i want them to learn how to cook good food and want too eat good… what is your why?

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