Sometimes i suck at life

Sometimes I suck at life you guys. Sometimes I just do. Sometimes I am killin it and sometimes I am totally screwing it up. I have flaws. I have so so many flaws….

I get upset sometimes too easy

I get defensive

I speak my truth sometimes when I should just stay quiet

I love hard to a fault

I am not organized

I rarely clean my house

I get super passionate about things and if you don’t feel the same I will tell you until I am blue in the face why you should be too

I am afraid of being all alone again one day

I hate my house quiet

I don’t keep up on laundry

I throw things out that I should keep

I would have more kids and more dogs if kevin would let me

I love to be busy to a fault

I am obsessed with writing to a fault

My mind never stops to a fault

I am all about telling you how I feel and why -even when it feels uncomfortable to you

I would rather talk it out then text it out

I like talking on a phone still attached to the wall

I wish smart phones were never invented

I shop too often on prime

I share a lot of my life

I keep a lot of my life private

I am in love with workouts that make you sweat like you just stepped out of the shower

Jesus is always on my mind

I don’t always follow the Christian way

I try though

My kids are always number one

God should be

I love wearing cloths that make you second guess my style

I love old things

I love trying new things

I hate traveling

My home is where I want to be 24/7 to a fault

I need to put others first more often

I need to pray more

I need to help more

I need to stop and think more before I act and speak

I need to spend less

I need to be more content

I have more ideas on what I want to do in this life than time that I have to do it all

I never thought I would get married

I never thought anyone would love me for me

I am afraid if you see all my flaws you will judge me

I compare sometimes

I feel helpless sometimes

My kids eat Mcdonalds sometimes

So do I sometimes

It is hard for me to say I am sorry

It is hard for me to be wrong

I have no fear stepping out of the box

I disappoint people i love by doing just that

I mean no harm EVER on anyone

I am literally doing my best

When everyone in this life looks like they have all there shit together …just know that I sure as hell don’t!

The end

One thought on “Sometimes i suck at life”

  1. NO one has it all together and if they say or try to act like it, everyone else knows it’s false- or should!!! Jesus is the only PERFECT one that has lived on this earth and He will be the ONLY one that ever has!!!! We ALL have our countless faults, and the beautiful, bold, true person recognizes that and doesn’t try to put on a show for everyone! YOU, Addie dear, are nothing but beautiful, bold, and true! Don’t let others, or the devil, trick you into thinking you aren’t, because that’s a BIG, FAT lie!!!

    Love ya like crazy, girl! 😘💌


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