Healthier French

Via Pinterest with some of

…🙋I stopped buying French years ago because of the sugar and this is a great alternative to it as it is my fav dressing… you know the Western with the🐂 cow horns on it- that was my fav- in fact I would LOAD it on all my of 🥗salads thinking ..” why am I not losing any weight. I mean I eat salad every day” You want to know what I ate with this “healthy salad” 2 pieces of white butter bread tons of croutons lettuce and western dressing -o and a pile of cheese. Ok-seriously – that is NOT healthy- I mean I might as well had a cheeseburger and fries- 🍔for reals….




😘BUT here is the thing- I honestly did not know any better… I didn’t. I thought salad meant healthy and that was that.




😎we all START somewhere and we are NOT going to be perfect- What kind of world would that be if we were all perfect at everything all the time… we need to learn and grow and appreciate the struggle because once you get over the hump the reward is even greater!!!

I am happy I struggled because I CAN NOW RELATE and help people even more!! ❤️

🙌if you are up for my online nutrition course reachout!! Your own pace your own timing and me to guide ya when you are ready!!🙌


😍Healthier French/Western Dressing:

Mix this all in a ninja or good blender..

1/2 tsp onion powder

1/3 C truvia or natural sugar alternative

1 cup olive oil or oil that you use

1/3 C vinegar

1/2 c organic ketchup

1/2 C tomato sauce

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

2 tsp paprika

Pepper to taste

This is not as sweet as your normal western or French but it is good and much better for you. ONce you start eliminating all of those unhealthy sugary foods out of your life they will start tasting less and less desirable!



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