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Sunday May 27th, 2018

Momming is hard work. Working from home is hard work. Momming and working from home is hard work. I don’t get days off or time off- I just don’t. Is it worth it – totally- but tough – yes! I was in the ER with Beau and I am telling the doc that I had all 4 sick kids and they were up all night and he looks and says “Well, at least it is a holiday weekend, you can sleep in!” I wanted to slap him in the face then and there. NO, I cant sleep in…ever. I don’t care if it is Saturday, Sunday, Monday- Wednesday…it don’t matter buddy- all days are the same when you have 4 littles or any littles for that matter. I looked at him and smiled – “yep”. That was all I could get out. I wanted to say…”are you f*cking kidding me? A holiday weekend my ars! You are on cr*ck if you think that I ever, EVER get to sleep in. My kids are the worse sleepers of all time anyway and now they all have fevers and one you just told me now has pneumonia- sleep in Doctor? You should know better. Tell me this- Yes it sucks and it is going to suck for many, many years- you are not going to sleep now because they don’t sleep then when they are teenagers you wont sleep because you will worry where they are at until they walk in the door and then when they are grown adults you wont sleep because you will worry and wonder where they are and if they are making good choices and if they got into their own home safe.

You will want to text them or call them at all hours of the night and day to check in but you will not want to be the “helicopter” mom that everyone already says you are.”- But I just said “yep.” And moved on.

I love it all- the good the bad the sick the ugly…I do. I love holding my babies and watching them sleep. I love story telling at bedtime and singing songs. I love drinking my coffee and writing on my computer at 4 am just to have some quiet time only to hear baby girl walk out at 4:45. I love it all!

Once in a great while though- someone can be real and tell me that “sometimes it sucks” instead of saying “ it goes by so fast.” I know it does- I know it goes fast- ok? I do! But geez- …how many times am I gonna here those words and just say “yep.” When I get older and my kids are older and I see a mom out there struggling a bit like me I am going to say “honey, this sucks- sometimes it sucks so bad that you want to lock yourself in a closet and eat licorice and cry…when you do – call me- I will watch your kids.”

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