Our Children’s Health

Today 1 in 3 American kids are overweight or obese. That has TRIPLED from 1971. #childhoodobesity is the No. 1 health concern among parents in the #unitedstates, topping drug abuse and smoking.


Yep you can have as much as you want buddy! He has no clue there are #veggies in his #icecream #summertreat #kidtreats #healthykidsnacks #doitforyourkids

I am sorry you guys but the number of #overweightchildren in #America is growing rapidly. WE MUST TAKE NOTE of this and HELP OUR #children. Give them the knowledge they need to succeed with their health in this life. Fine you dont want to invest in yourself but please INVEST IN YOUR KIDS! You could and will change their life. It doesnt even have to be your kids- help other peoples kids. Help all #kids learn how to be #healthy and #active. That is what they need most! That and #love.

This recipe and more when you take my #onlinenutrition course. #newfoods #recipes #feedyourkidsrealfood

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