Random Drop in’s??

What happened to the good old fashion “drop in”? Huh? I mean really. I remember a time when we didn’t have to “call First” or, now, I guess “text first.” What happened to just stopping in at someone’s house whenever the hell you wanted because you were in the area or just were thinking of them? What happened to those “good ole days?” I want to know when this all became like a new law that you had to “call first.”

Before cell phones there was no way to call first. You just showed up. I know I am guilty of this too. I am thinking this too sometimes when I have the occasional drop in with no call. This happened 3 times this week to me. 3 times!! I had a neighbor drop in my mom and my cousin this week all dropping in with no call first. How dare they?? Lol -that is bullshit that it would even cross my mind- who gives a flying f if someone stops in unannounced. I had 3 of the best conversations I have had with people in a long time all because of the random “drop in.”

Why? Because, my undies were not all in a bundle because my house wasn’t perfect and their wasn’t enough food on the stove and I didn’t have every drink known to man to offer them. I had nothing. I had water- coffee and zevia. My house was filthy. My dogs were insane barking. My kids were crazy and full of dirt. I was in my week day grubs. I was not trying to impress. I was not preparing for hours for “company” to stop by. I was not trying to make it seem perfect here. I was not scrubbing the floors and vacuuming for hours to show them my house is in order all the time. I had no dinner on the stove. AND GUESS WHAT…they DID NOT CARE. They don’t care. They are not here for you to impress them. I actually find when people have perfection going on in the house it makes me uncomfortable. Like I cant just be myself. Like I cant touch anything.

I remember a time- a good good time in my life when my grandparents would have like 10 people stop at their house mid week after church and grandma had nothing to offer for food or anything. Those were the best times- the best visits. She would throw some coffee on and grab whatever she could find in the cabinet and she would just sit and visit. Just SIT and REALLY visit with people. That is what they want. Stop trying to impress that you are so busy cleaning and cooking and doing whatever the hell you gotta do. Just sit. Talk and take it in.

So, my advice to you is this. Stop getting all uptight when people stop in unannounced. Take that as a compliment that they feel that comfortable with you. Put on some coffee. Grab whatever you have out of the fridge and offer it. And their ya go. This world is getting so fricken antisocial it kills me. Pretty soon our kids wont know how to have a face to face talk with someone because of all of this communicating through our phones. STOP – stop the bullshit and be a real fricken person. That is all anyone really wants anyway. You- to be real- so they can be themselves.

Stop by- I will put the coffee on.

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