Leaving Town ya’ll 💃

Thursday June 21, 2018- Sunday June 24th 2018

This trip was so out of my comfort zone I can not even describe the doubt I felt. Leaving my family was incredibly hard. On so many days I wish I got a break and here I am with a FOUR day break from the kids, the house the animals and Kevin. I should have been jumping up and down with excitement. Instead, I was crying when I left on Thursday.

I am going on a trip for my business. I work with a team I have met only online. I feel like I know them but I don’t really know them. So many emotions going through my mind when I leave my house on my way to meet these ladies in person for the first time. Will we get along? Will it be uncomfortable and awkward? All these things running through my mind as I drove down my lane on Thursday waving good- bye with tears welling up in my eyes as I blew my last kiss to Kev.

I pulled up to the lot where they were waiting. We all got out and I felt INSTANT relief and connection. It was amazing. All of these ladies. We came together as women from all over the nation. We had no other connection except for the love of health and fitness and the love of helping others. Of course we connected!! On so many, many levels. Pure joy I felt with these women being able to be myself with NO judgement from any of these ladies. You could just see that we were all here to learn, connect and grow. That was it. Nothing else. Learn and grow together. Help each other. Lean on one another. Give advice. Get advice. Laugh, cry and share stories.

It was hard to be away from my family on this 37th birthday weekend. Let me tell you though there is nowhere else I would have rather been. My passion runs deep for this business in helping others become their best selves. To be with other women who share that same passion, well, it’s pure joy. If I am gonna leave my family on a special day like my bday this was the family that I am glad I spent it with. #coachfam #bbfam

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