No judgement zone ❌❌

👉Reason number 806 that I don’t judge others……

👉Because, whatever I might be possibly thinking of judging them on, I guarantee I have done it………….🤦‍♀️twice.

🤔In thinking today about the thoughts of judgement that may have crossed my mind on others I thought this…why am I even thinking of judging? What is making me want to throw the stone of judgement at them so quickly? Then, I thought this….I am judging them on the way that they made ME feel. On the simple fact of them making me feel not good- my judgement only comes from a place of how I feel…..nothing really to do with them. I never really thought for a moment why they did the thing they may or may not have done to me – what caused them to act this way toward me- what I, myself did to cause this. I didn’t think of that at all- I just wanted to quickly throw the judgement stone because I felt poorly about how they may or may not have treated me with possible intent or maybe even not with intent at all🤷‍♀️.

❤️Instead of throwing the stone today – I changed it to this. What did I do to cause this feeling that they may have to act this way at me….and this….What is one thing I really like and appreciate about them? When the creep of judgment 👿comes into mind I derailed it into something positive😍. I notice the yucky feeling inside me changed to bright feelings . I notice that I needed to work on ME they didn’t need to work on them. I, ME- needed work.

So, my friend, when you find yourself with that stone of judgement in your hand ready to toss at someone- ✋️STOP…JUST STOP…think these things….WHAT is my problem that I feel the need to throw- and this…What is something really great about this person that I felt the split second need to throw the stone at?

🙌I promise you it will brighten your energy—your day and maybe even someone else’s day too.

#dontjudge #weareheretolove #judgementdayisforthecreator #personaldevelpment #joinmeinpd2018

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