NOT everyone is gonna like ya 😳

✔️Not everyone will be for you. 🤔Actually, people were specifically placed on this earth to be against you. ✋Stop trying to prove you are a good person. Stop trying to make everyone like you. Stop. You are derailing yourself of your purpose. 🌤Rise above and remember that you don’t NEED TO DEFEND yourself anymore. 🙌You have a defender. God is your defender. You don’t need to worry about putting anyone in there place – that is not your job here on earth. Your job is to love and to be you. God made you who you are for a reason. You are wasting your God given talents on proving these people wrong when you could be using that energy to rise up to where you are meant to be. Keep doing what you do and do it with passion. The fact is this ….🤓EVERYONE is not ALWAYS going to like you🤓! It will never happen. Once you can let that go you will reach your fullest potential, your hopes and dreams even faster. BIG amazing things are going to happen for you just Keep your eye on the goals that you are reaching for. Each time you stop reaching to put someone in there place it is just going to derail you from who you are meant to be. Let God do the defending. He is the only one you need in your corner. He will start to send the people that are for you. 😍He will. Continue on your journey of you because that my friend, is pretty dang AWESOME sauce😘😘💃.



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