Thursday July 18th 2018

You know what I have a hard time with. I get upset and sad when someone has a feeling or an issue or an opinion or a thought about something and they share it and others say “they have too much time on their hands to be thinking so into this or that.” Like, when so called “busy” people say “I don’t have time for that.” I think it is super disrespectful and totally belittling someone’s feelings or thoughts. No one is too busy. Ok. They just are not. We are all busy. We all choose our busy though. We are not “too busy” to listen to or care about others. If we are “too busy “ for that then we are not at all living with the purpose we were intended. We need to stop saying we are “too busy”. We just do. It is the choice you make. You make your busy.

I remember when I didn’t have kids and I was ‘too busy’. Too busy to attend family functions or friends gatherings too busy to attend church and too busy to make time for anything or anyone that did not fit into my “too busy” schedule. I remember those days. I was. I was super busy I worked ALL THE TIME. I did nothing but work. I only cared about work.

I have been blessed with the gift of slowing down. Slowing down and paying attention to people to places to things. Paying attention to the earth and the animals the trees and the wind. Paying attention to God’s creation. Also paying attention to others feelings, their hurts their joys their struggles. Actually listening and caring now when before I was “too busy”. I actually get it now. I get it. I was not too busy- I chose to be too busy so I could act like the “real shit” the REAL HARD SHIT in life was not going on. I could not get in to deep or to personal with anything or anyone. I could just be numb to it all because I was “ too busy”.

When someone is expressing they are hurting or having a problem, when someone is sharing their feelings about the earth or the animals or hurt they are feeling, whatever it is. JUST STOP – just stop judging them and telling them to get a life – stop telling them they have “too much time on their hands” stop saying your “too busy for this or that.” You, my friend, you are not too busy to listen- to just really listen and pay attention. That is all they want. Just to be heard for that moment. They are not needy they are not crazy they are not attention seekers they just feel things. They feel deep and that is much better than just being numb.

(Note: this was written as a reflection of my old self for my book #365daysofmommingit)

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