Grow your hair! 😍🙌

🙋I am a hairdresser so I want you to spend money on your hair when you see me, of course I do! 💇HOWEVER, I am also a SAHM who knows what it is like to need to save money! I believe in professional products 100%…but I am also a believer in all natural ways that are cheaper alternatives!!

** here is a great way to repair and grow your hair!!

Add about 8-10 drops of rosemary essential oils to about 1 C of coconut oil and mix. I store in a small jar. Then message in a scoopful with your fingertips through your💆 scalp all the way to your ends – even giving your hair strands little tug (stimulates the growth follicles). You can wear this mask to bed at night or you can put it on for a half hour in the morning. Then shampoo out thoroughly and condition. YOU WILL NOTICE a difference! (I always put a plastic cap or headband on when i am letting it set in my hair.— also the smell is strong and I have had complaints from the hubs 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♂️when i wear it to bed-lol)

Happy Sunday!


Great gift for someone – homeade and functional!

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