Recipe for the kids

****I need to start doing things that give me my spark again:my passion is and always was fitness, food and helping others- i want that back but it is not easy or happening overnight like i thought it would or could-

It is hard to get up after we fall… H.A.R.D.

*But if we dont get up again than what? If we stay down then what?

*I am not saying we should not take all the time we need to grieve- you absolutely should- however if there is a little piece of you that is ready, ready to get up and go again than you need to just do that.

**Baby steps at first… for me it was getting up and going for a short run and breathing the fresh air in. It gave me clarity it made me think.

****One year ago i ran 26.2 miles this weekend- i am now finding it difficult to run 3. I am going to keep going though.

I might not be my best self right now but standing here in it for too long will not do me any good.

*One foot in front of the other my friends…

*Maybe for you it is just getting out of bed

*Or maybe it is getting through a day without crying

*Maybe it is going for a 20 minute walk…

*or maybe you are holding it in and you just need to chat about it- you may never be ready to share it and that is just fine too but sometimes getting it off your shoulders and letting someone else carry some of it does really help- it does

*****if you are ready to get your spark back just remember

ONE FOOT IN FRONT of the OTHER. That is it.


You must must must try this recipe the kids loved them and the limited ingredients makes me feel good about giving them to them every morning.

xoxo- ad

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