15 lbs 😯

I share in my groups (let me know if you want to join in)

Here is a post from this week….

Maybe it will help you see the struggle and the steps in taking to get myself back👇👇

October, 11th

Ok so a few things that have started to help me get back on track…

First let me say and tell you – i have gained like 15 pounds during this whole thing.. My finding out about pregnancy through miscarriage about 10 lbs then my laying in bed eating chips for a few weeks added about 5 more…

I might look just fine but i feel yucky-not myself not where i want to be..weight on the scale is just a number – but my jeans are tight and i feel puffy…

I forgot how hard this was you guys- I forgot how hard it was to work your ass off for a week and see no progress or even gaining!!! Wtf- right??

I have mixed emotions right now I am super pissed that I have this weight to lose HOWEVER- at the same time I am kind of happy to relive this to help you and others…to remember once again what is like to struggle to not see progress to give in to temptation to not be as confident as I once was……..

I feel like i fall weak to a few things—

NIGHT TIME snacking for sure: why? Because when i finally get the kids down I want to lay in bed and eat something salty or sweet and watch my “shows”…aka- American housewife…modern family..the Goldbergs and Will and grace…i look forward to uninterrupted time watching and snacking—-but it makes me feel like shit the next day when all my progress went out the window from mindless snacking…..

Another thing: my shakes- i went off track the past few months as I was super nauseous in the beginning and just could not do shakes then i went away from them all together- now i am so hungry that i want to eat and not shake HOWEVER…I feel crummy- my skin is not good my nails my hair my bloating my energy—i look back at old pics and when i felt like i was my best self and in my best shape ever i was getting those shakes in daily !! Sometimes twice they give you nutrition beyond what you can imaging and always help my hunger and bloating!

Carbs: i was obsessed with carbs the past few months and it took a toll- when choosing carbs we need to be wise. Carbs with a purpose- aka sweet potatoes- quinoa- veggies – limited fruit…once back on the unhealthy carb train it has been super hard to get off…

Ok so those are my weaknesses right now-

What has been helping…

Shakes for lunch…every single day no matter if i want it or not becasue after i get it in i always feel satisfied and full…

NOT EATING AFTER dinner…i love a peice of chocolate or some nuts so i still have it but I have it sort of with dinner for my desert then NO EATING OUTSIDE OF THE KITCHEN ( i have felt better each and every day i have conquered this but it is still hard and i still give in somedays 😞 )

Lastly the carbs- i have for sure limited the starchy crappy bloating carbs but i have curbed it with more fat…

… i have been drinking MCT oil (which i had stashed away and remember now i drank it last year when training for my marathon) i have been using this combo to keep me full and energized in the a.m. (unless i have my shake first then i have this later)

1 tbs MCT oil

1 TBS coconut cream of milk (full fat)

8-12 oz hot coffee

A little stevia

And i use my ninja to blend it and make it super creamy and frothy— it is SO good and filling!


More on the oil when i have time but it is proven to help with clarity and energy and filling ya up!


And of course before my workouts, that mind you ahve been tough lately, BB ENERGIZE ! Sometimes just the powder shot chased my water!


Not a ton of progress yet but i feel better and less bloated so -well i guess some progress (minus about 5 ish lbs …)but not as fast as i want!! But remember when feeling frustrated…talk about it (lol, that is what i sing to my kids) but serious when feeling frustrated KEEP GOING- i am in it with you right now guys…

Keep on going! There is no better feeling than wearing those pretty holiday clothes with confidence…no better feeling then having the energy to live the life you deserve…and no better feeling than conquering your struggles one step at a time…

Xoxo- ad

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