Spider Costume DIY

As seen on MOMS EVERYDAY aired October 23rd, 2018……

With Halloween fast approaching my son was wanting to be a spider this year. We have a tote full of costumes that are like brand new and yet he wanted the spider. I was not about to spend money on yet another costume so I decide to do some digging and found almost all these items in my home to make it for him!

You will need:

2 Pair of long black men’s socks

Black stocking cap

Tissue paper

Black zip up sweatshirt

Black sweat pants

Black gloves

Hot Glue gun

Google wiggly eyes ($1 store)


You will want to stuff the socks with the tissue paper and secure them on the back of the sweat shirt with a safety pin or with hot glue gun in the place where you want the legs to be. I also recommend then adding a string along the arm of the sweatshirt to each sock on each side and secure this with hot glue so when they raise their arms the spiders legs can raise too.

Glue as many eyes on the stocking cap as you would like. I would first put the cap on your little one to see where the fold will be then use that as a guide.

You can safety pin on the garments instead of hot glue incase you want to save them for later use.

Black shoes and socks and pants with black gloves and you are all set!

Video here👇👇👇


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