Your Purpose

What are you good at?

What comes totally natural to you?

What can you do without really thinking too much but others would have a hard time at??

In finding our purpose in life we sometimes run around in circles trying to figure that out. We sometimes get ourselves in this mindset that our “purpose” has to be this big, huge , planned out and sought after thing. When really, a lot of times our purpose in life is just right in front of our faces and we dont even know it.

Maybe seeking our purpose does not have to mean we need to soul search for years and dig super deep. Maybe our purpose is right on the surface of our every day life and we don’t even know it.

What comes easy to you?

In a chatting with my entrepreneurial besties this past week I was talking about my dance class I am teaching and one said to me- isnt that hard to learn and teach and practice? I answered her immediately “No, not at all.”

I am not saying my purpose is dancing I am saying that I have been in search of this “purpose in life” i have been in deep thoughts and struggles on how i can help others – that is my purpose- and all the while it was already surfaced…i am already doing my purpose- it comes so easy to me I almost missed it..

My purpose is to inspire- to help- to lift- to make others feel better and all the while it is helping me.. teaching others to workout, making their hair pretty, writing… this is all doing my purpose- i dont have to keep searching… i am living it- i am doing it already!

My purpose is to inspire….what is yours??


**think right now about something in your life that you can do without really even thinking…something that comes easy and feels natural….you are on your way my friend- to finding your purpose 🙂 dont think it has to be some life changing huge event that happens… is tiny little events that add up…small little things that happen in our every day life…

Your purpose- we all have one…one is not bigger and better than the others. They are all just different. But, each and every one of us has one and YOUR PURPOSE, it is what makes the world go around my friend- even if you dont think it matters- IT DOES!!

Yesterday is was able to fill up my cup with my purpose- making my client of 10 plus years feel her best and she made me feel mine too!

Talking workouts- health and doing hair! Its a win win!

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