Little Debbie downer anyone… sorry Debbie

Did you know that these use to be my go to “cheat” on the weekends. Sometimes even like 2 or 3 of them. – ok lets be real by the end of the weekend they were probs gone!

I am not saying you cant have cheats. I am not at all- and i am not saying that I dont have them either- because I can assure you that I do still have some snacking going on that is not the healthiest.

However, things have changed a bit. My taste buds have totally changed through these past years of cleaning up my eating. Things that used to taste SO good to me just taste fake and gross and artificial now.

If i am going to indulge it is not going to be on something that was made up of tons of chemicals in a factory where artificial this and that is the norm for ingredients.

Why am I saying this….i am saying this because I WAS there with you- if you are there today. If all of the yuck tastes oh so good to you but you want it out of your life and not sure how to get it. If it seems overwhelming to you or if it seems like you just cant think about it or do it. I am hear to say that you can!

Just start small- you dont have to wipe out your entire cabinet and throw everything away and overnight become the healthiest you ever. Not at all- but small, little steps can and make a big difference.

It took me a LONG LONG time to learn all I know about food and nutrition and ingredients and I am still studying and taking classes on it. You wont and dont have to learn it all overnight – just one day at a time.

So, what can you do right now…?

Today- check your labels and look at the SUGAR content. If there are added sugars in it start trying to find other options —

Example- ketchup….so much added sugar!! Try to find the lower sugar or better yet make your own!! I have been doing this and will be sharing in my challenge group this week.

Also, today be super aware of the food your eating- is it feeding you like food is supposed- feeding your cells in your body to be the best they can be or is it harming those cells and making it hard for them to produce and work efficient.

DONT think this is all over your head- it is not- stop being naive to it… this is your health your body your life TAKE control- start today!!

Read labels….drink water… move your body-

Those are your monday tasks!

Any questions??


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