Stop seeking approval

Do you ever make plans and it seems that you are kind of nervous about what to talk about or fitting in? I guess you could call it “social anxiety” maybe even in the smallest form but you still have it a little?

Suprisingly I feel like a lot of people might have a bit of this. I used to have it terrible! I mean really bad. I would get so nervous of what others thought of me or what I said or did i say something wrong.?…

Now= my life has changed— a lot. My motto in life has totally changed and if i find myself in situations that I am feeling uncomfortable or slightly anxious- i think a few things,,,

1. The only person who matters what they think of me is God and myself.

2. Do i have to change myself to be around this person ? To be accepted- if so then i will be spending WAY less time with them.

3. If they love me for who i am with all my flaws then these are my people- If not then “they gots to go.”

I had a relationship where i was CONSTANTLY trying to prove myself and my value- constantly trying to prove what i was doing and that is was good…i would always come out disappointed- always- i could never get this person to see my value. I then had a conversation with one of the smartest most chill men i know (kevin) and he said Adelei! Stop trying so hard- you dont need approval- just keep doing what you do no need for acceptance by anyone…..


You are worth more than constantly wondering if you fit in or if you are accepted or if you are saying or doing the right thing- you are worth more….YOU ARE WORTH MORE—

You can still be around those people who you wonder about but just keep them at an arms length and don’t seek their approval and above all

Dont change yourself to be something you are not to be liked by people who just might not ever accept you… Let go of it- its fine- your people will show and it will be great!

Xoxo- ad

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