10 years❤️

November 1, 2018

It was 70 degrees 10 years ago on this day. We were young and so full of excitement. Many people had doubted we would ever make it this far. After all, we had only dated for 9 months before we got engaged.

10 years. TEN freaking years. So much has happened in those years. Four houses, 4 businesses, 3 towns, 2 dogs and 4 kids.

I remember when one of my bff’s set us up on this blind date. I was like, no freaking way. I am not going on a blind date. I was just starting out my first business and I had no room for guys in my life. I had great girlfriends and my career. I was living the big city life in Madison. All was great! Money finally coming in for this 25 year old and the possibilities seemed endless on where I could go and what I could do. Big city girl with her fancy clothes and bleach blonde hair her long red nails and fake tan. No one was going to settle me down. No one.

I will never forget when he walked up the steps at the Great Dane. I thought- ok he is cute. I made my 2 friends go with me on this “date”. So, there we were Kevin, I and 2 of my besties. Poor guy but he didn’t mind at all. We had fun. We had a lot of fun. Said our good byes at the end of the night and went our separate ways.

The next day I didn’t really think into it too much. I just went about my business and that was that. Fun times with a new friend, I thought. We actually did not see each other again for another month. I was too busy all the time when he would ask. I just think I didn’t want to get to close. I was having fun in my freedom and not ready to settle down. He was persistent though.

A month later another date for ice cream and a movie. Another month later I finally started giving in a bit. I was really liking him but not sure if I was liking the seriousness of this all.

By month 4 he met my family and I his – by month 9 we were engaged! One year later married. Here we are today.

It has not been easy and perfect. Not in the least. If it was that would not be normal. We both have had moments we were angry and wanted to leave. We have. We didn’t though. We stuck it out. It seems like when you go through super hard times and you get through them it brings you SO much closer. SO MUCH. Now fast forward to today we have 4 kids and life is good- we are so blessed. We really are. But that doesn’t mean it is easy and roses and happiness all day everyday.

We continue to grow- we continue to love. We continue to embrace each other’s flaws and celebrate each other’s victories. I once said in a blog that I would never get married again- and that may be true. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love being married. Having a partner to share life with – there is nothing like that. He knows me better than ANYONE on this earth- anyone – and what is really great is that he excepts me inside and out for who I am and what I stand for. He might not always like it but he excepts it and I him. That is what its about. It is not about money, or pride, it is not about who does more or who helps more it is not about if you are happy today or if you are struggling it is just about love. When you make it simple like that it makes it so much easier.

Does he/she love you even with all of your flaws that God created you with? IF so you are one of the luckiest humans on earth to find that. Not everyone has someone to love them through thick and thin. It is actually kind of rare to find. If you found it hang on tight- even when it feels like it could be falling a part….as long as there is still love it will not fail.

Now, if you are on the other end and have not found your one yet- let me tell you this- you will. Don’t give up hope. You will find it. I never in a million years thought I would find mine. God will send you the right person at the right time and likely when you are not even looking for it.

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