jelly anyone?

This has honestly been on my mind a lot lately. I used to think this way in life. Way back in my early salon days for sure! I used to compare and see others doing so much better than me and i would get jealous or envious. I would see them doing the same thing i was doing but to me they were jsut killing it and i was failing at it.

Then you look at these people that you are comparing yourself too. Think about it- these people have things in common with you, right? They obviously have the same interest as you that you must have crossed their path in some way. Maybe you have the same career or the same taste the same kind of style possibly have similar friends? I mean something made you pay attention to this person, right?
Turn it around- turn this envy feeling or the jealous feeling around into something that benefits you and them! You have the SAME things in COMMON the same- you would not be envious of them if you didnt like what they were doing or how they were doing it, right? If you feel jealousy toward someone it is usually becasue you want what they have. So- how can you change this horrible feeling that seriously makes you miserable and I am sure makes you someone you don’t really want to be, right? So , what you can do….you can reach out- ask them how they got their. Ask them where they shop or how they learned to style their hair that way…ask them for feedback on things that you are trying to do….maybe even work together – to be…..BETTER…#bettertogether.
This has so much truth and it takes away so much pain and yucky feelings. It makes things so much lighter! When you realize that we are all just doing our best we are all just trying to succeed at our dreams …. When you realize that going it alone does not bring you the most success…the real magic starts to happen ya’ll!
These people that make you feel a little jelly – those are YOUR PEOPLE- you are interested in the SAME things….so, work together- not against…ok….it lifts you and it lifts them and after all #werisebyliftingothers

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