How to get in the healthy groove! Steps to a better you!

Tips to get into a healthy lifestlye groove…..

1. MEAL PREP – if you are NOT doing this it will change EVERYTHING for you- every…thing….(dont know where to start? Ask me!)

2. WATER!! Drink water — all day long! Half your body weight in OZ….it not only keeps you full and curbs your appetite but it is good for your skin, nails, hair and of course your insides!!

3. Move your body every day- even if it is just a 10 minute walk… start with that- ok? Small steps

4. Have a veggie with ALL meals and cut out starchy carbs in the later part of the day. The last thing you should do is eat a huge bowl of pasta and go to bed- your body has no chance to burn this off.

5. Remember that ROME was not built in a day and neither will your health be- IT takes patience- it takes discipline and it takes TIME….focus on the next hour ahead of you the next meal not next week next month next year..JUST ONE STEP at a time…..

So today- pick one of those goals- one thing what is it going to be? I want to know what is the one thing you will focus on today!!?? Let’s hear it

Xoxo= ad

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