What others think of us…….


“I don’t give a sh*t what anyone thinks!” Is that not kind of our “go to” mantra these days? Does it not make you feel a little better to say that out loud sometimes? I feel like when we are fighting against the worse we want to put up our guard and those words just automatically come out. But do we really believe them? Do we really “not care what anyone thinks?”

It would make the world a lot easier place to live if we were not constantly caring so much. The truth is though that we were placed on this earth to be with people. To love and to be loved. It is a natural need and want to be accepted by others. You are not alone. Almost everyone on this earth whether they say it or believe it want acceptance from others. We do- we all do.

You don’t want to go around life with your guard up so very high on NOT CARING what others think that you end up letting NO one in. You just don’t, ok. No one does.

So, how do we find balance? How do we care what some think and not others? …..Well, we need to find the value in our relationships. We need to really think about the source when being criticized by others. It is not always a bad thing to hear some constructive criticism when coming from a good source. It is also not always a good thing to be praised constantly for decisions that you make even when they are not the best for you. You can’t just be around people who ALWAYS agree with you either.

Brene Brown said it best in her book “Rising Above” she said to take a piece of paper out 1 inch by 1 inch. Write down those people’s names that opinions really matter to you. Who should be on that list?….Those on that list should be the people who not only see you fall face down but they lend out a hand and help you up… with no judgment..no “I told you so”. They want you to truly be your best and you them. They not only see your flaws but they love you for them. When you rise strong they are your biggest cheerleaders. (Not exact quote but what I took from it) Now if that 1 by 1 inch paper is not enough room for you……then you need to edit.

When you come into a case where the weight of the world is taking you down, and you will— your anxiety of what others think of you is taking over your entire life….I want you to pull out that paper- get in touch with those people only….those are the ones who will talk you off the ledge. If you are in check with them then you need no one else’s approval.

Got it? Carry that paper around. Pull it out when you need to. Remember this, we are all just doing our best…even the people who don’t seem like they are doing the best they can…they are. Everyone is doing the best with what they have. No one gets to tell you that you are not. —-unless they are on the paper that is…..🙂

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