Soulful Sunday

The best song of the night last night the one that hit me the hardest….takes me to where I need to be …

IF you get a chance listen….its powerful…it makes it easier…life…it makes life easier if you just let him lead and if he is not in it I don’t want it….what a weight off your shoulders if it is NOT you all alone it is him…you dont have to do life alone……it takes the weight of this heavy world off your shoulders if you just let go….see him in every move…see him in every calling…see him in all you do…if he is not in it than it is nothing.

It is easy to worry- to worry of the future- it is easy to fall to tears on your knees and ugly cry when we experience pain in this life….he is in it though- he is in it when you are at the very bottom when you are face down….he is in that and he can bring you out of it if you will just let him…..dont carry it alone friends its too heavy….its too heavy…

Xoxo- ad


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