Day 1 of 3 giving thanks! LOW CARB BAGELS


Here is your Health tip and your Recipe……


Low Carb Bagel

I don’t follow keto or Low carb- I just want that to be clear! But I do choose my carbs wisely and a normal bagel is just not a wise carb choice- so I made these and they are SO SO good- (very high in fat—but very low in carbs—I think if you are craving bread and carbs and don’t want to go overboard this is a good choice) the CARBS I feel are best to eat are….quinoa: sweet potatoes: potatoes: vegetables:

You will need…

2 Cups of either ALMOND FLOUR OR GARBANZO BEAN flour (depends on YOUR NEEDS)

MIx 2 eggs with the flour with hand mixer as best you can

In a microwave safe bowl Microwave 3 CUPS of shredded Mozzarella and 5 TBS of cream cheese for one minute 30 seconds and stir then 1 minute and stir

Mix BOTH OF THESE together with your hand mixer– IT gets STICKY and clumps up so you will have to stop and go to get this mixed all the way……..

This will be very sticky to work with but IT CAN BE DONE……once mixed divide into 6 balls roll out and connect ends to make bagel shape….top with egg wash (just mix one egg and brush this on top) i then also sprinkled everything but the bagel on this.

BAKE on Parchment paper at 425 for about 12 minutes

Enjoy one of these for a blue


Always eat a protein with a carb! Why? Because it will help keep you fuller longer and the protein helps to break down the carbs better in aid of digestion. Main reason though- is KEEPS YOU FULLER- if you eat a plate of pasta for lunch- you are likely to be hungry a lot sooner than if you had a chicken breast or a lean cut steak……got it? Think- pasta add meat…..potato add cottage cheese….rice add black beans (if you don’t eat meat black beans are a great protein source). You get the picture – yes? *note: I am not a doctor this is just works for me!

💪Here is your workout for the ARMS!! Clicke here :

Chisel those arms to this workout done to this song!! It should go with the music perfectly! Watch me while you listen: copy and paste you won’t be sorry–

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