Day 2 of 3 Thankful

🦃Day 2/3 Thankfullness!

Giving back this week – thanking all of you for following me and for your support. Even if I only helped one person on this journey- Well, then I did my job!


Protein Packed for no meat eater!

1 can chickpeas

½ C feta

2tbs Pesto

6 chopped cherry tomatoes

½ C cooked quinoa

4 small colored peppers chopped

Mix all together and refrigerate

Measure half a cup and top with 1/8 of avocado

Container count: one yellow 2tsp ½ Blue :::want to count this more of a protein?- then have a 3/4 cup for a RED a half blue ½ 2tsp (not enough to count for green—but you could add more veggies to make a full green out of it!) Health TIP:💪

Cardio first or Weight training first?? That is a tricky one…..depends on your goals—I will keep this short but if you want more info reach out,…BASICALLY if you are trying to BULK up and gain muscle then you will do your RESISTANCE training FIRST (aka lift weights) IF YOU WANT TO LOSE weight than you will do your CARDIO FIRST! Ok? I could do a whole write up on this but this is the short and the sweet of it. Questions ask! ** I am not a doctor this is just what I have studied and what works for ME! Hope it helps!

WORKOUT right here>>>>

Happy Day friends!

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