Do you want to go on a women’s retreat with me??

For the past few years and basically my whole life I have made women feel better. First, as a cosmetologist on the outside then as a fitness instructor I would help them physically. Now as Healthyhairdresser I hope I am helping them inside too.

My mission has been my motto “we rise by lifting others”. I 120% believe that we are better together. I fully believe that in helping each other we can RISE higher. Lifting one another up not only helps others but it helps us.

In a world where we are all racing to get to the finish line first why not work together to get there? It makes it so much easier.

These women and This event…we finally made it real. What has been on our hearts since we first started our “meetings” 1.5 years ago. It is finally coming alive.

Women helping women. We are sharing all things good this weekend.

Tag a friend or share for others to see.

Women helping women RISE in this life. That is what we are doing what we are good at and what we want to spread.

what do you say ladies? Are you ready to RISE with us??

Message now to reserve your spot! Space is limited!

Xoxox- GALS rising

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