Day 3 of 3 Thank You!

🦃Day 3/3 Days of Thankfulness!!

As promised- 3 days of Thankfulness this week- day three already!!

🥗👩‍🌾Cabbage Casserole with a pesto twist!THIS tastes amazing and has plenty of carbs and protein for a well balanced meal for all! THE KIDS literally devoured this all week this week! Kind of tastes like a pizza Casserole!


One head of cabbage

1 carton mushrooms

1 lb lean beef

2 cups cooked quinoa

2 cloves garlic chopped

1 onion choppped

4 C stewed tomatoes

3 tbs of your fav pesto- I used sun dried tomato pesto from ALDI

½ Cup shredded parmesean

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

8 oz tomato sauce

Coat a large skillet with olive oil on medium heat – add chopped garlic and onion and sauté around- finely chop an entire head of cabbage and add to this….once tender add in the mushrooms and in another pan brown your beef. When beef is cooked add to the cabbage mixture along with your tomatoes and tomato sauce and pesto mix around well and top with the cheeses. Cover and let cheese melt!

Serve 1.5 cup for a green ½ blue a red and 1 tsp

Healthy TIP:

💦Drink 8 oz of ice cold water upon waking in the morning- before you do ANYTHING ELSE…even if you could have it by your bed before you get up (might not be cold but that is ok).. THIS WILL WAKE☀️ you and WAKE your organs to be ready for the day!! WHO NEEDS COFFEE?? When you got ice cold water  lol

Ok well we all need coffee or energize (I use this) to start our day – BUT serious the water is a great way to start the day- just try it!! THEN YOU will have a KICKSTART to your water intake for the day (half your body weight in oz)


HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL! 🍁THANK YOU AGAIN FOR FOLLOWING🙋- IT MEANS SO MUCH: I know you could chose anyone out there online to follow for workouts an eating clean- I hope you find a little comfort in me because I am just a mom and wife doing her best to keep herself and her family as healthy as possible. With limited time – I can totally relate to you and that is why I SHARE ALL OF MY knowledge that has worked for me with you- IF YOU COULD SHARE my PAGE or this POST it would be SO SO appreciated! YOU share WEALTH when you share HEALTH!❤️🙋👩‍🌾💪

Xoxo, AD💋

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