Thank you for the courage

When you have so many emotions you can hardly handle them you need to turn them into something.

I had such a an emotional few months. I still do feel the burden of loss come on strong some days. I needed to put that energy somewhere.

You know I am not really into energy and stars and things lining up but this month I felt so much. I felt so much loss. The holidays approaching had me filled with so much anxiety on how I would deal with all of this. I honestly can not believe the impact such a loss can have on a person. A person like me,.,… I am the one who is supposed to lift you up and here I was barely able to lift myself.

Then something happened. I felt it. I felt the prayers you were covering me with. I felt the support. I felt the encouragement come back full on from you that I used to so easily give out.

A wave of emotions started filling my soul but this time with COURAGE. THIS time with a NEW way of looking at life. This time these emotions that I full on embraced – that I full on let lead me…this time they made me do better, be better, keep going and not stop.

I am looking at my life totally different now. We all do I am guessing after a loss. This experience was so life changing it is hard for me to put into words…..But what it made me do was “press on”. Press on even harder. And so i did.

Xoxo- ad

Watch for this coming soon!

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