Happy Monday!


I have written a book- it is about 100 pages and it needs a ton of editing and it also will not be published until the new year…BUT ….if you sign up for a

Cleanse Challenge Pack

You will get a copy via Word Doc OR PDF for free!!!


This is a book with

21 recipes

21 workouts

21 days of inspiration (my experiences)

21 health tips

** it is SUPER nice to have it all laid out and USE and refer too….I put my heart and soul into this and

I want my challengers honest feedback too on it. I want you to share and help others with the knowledge in there. I am not a doctor- I am not therapist- I am dont have a degree in writing or editing but what i am is a girl who is passionate about getting health into peoples lives that feel like they have no hope- I want people who are feeling overwhlemed on where to start to know that someone has been there and got through….

So, what do you say???

NOW- go slay this MONDAY!

Hugs, Ad

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