What I am good at…..

I am not going to lie. I have never really been great at anything. Like, nothing came super easy to me in school at all. I was an average student. I was not involved in a ton of things. I just never found my place. The one thing though was that when I did find something that I knew how to do it would make me so happy. Like, when I discovered I was good at learning dance steps and being on the dance team in High School. That gave me such a boost. Or, when I went to beauty school and won an award for best male haircut. That was huge for me. My confidence skyrocketing and I excelled.

Life went on and I was a good hairdresser and a good dance instructor. I knew how to do it and I was confident in it. I gave everything I had to build the business. Then I became pregnant with my first set of twins. I became a mom and everything changed. The things I finally found passion in I had to give up. I had to quit what I was really good at to start a family. Of course it was worth giving up but I also missed that feeling of being really good at something and having passion and drive for it.

Then I began to write. Back story to this. Years ago I went to a psychic when I was having trouble getting pregnant. The first thing she said to me was “you’re a writer.” I was so pissed, I am like this is such a waste of money! I ain’t no writer you crazy lady, I am a hairdresser! I kind of took it with a grain and moved on to listen to her bogus accusations. She was very persistent that I was a writer or I would be. I left their thinking I just wasted 200 bucks and never thought much of I again.

Now I have been writing in my blog for 2 years. But as I look back I have actually been writing for more like 20 years. I have always had and kept a journal. I still do. I love reading back at the way my life progressed.

I found my passion, something I am good at. I love writing. I love cooking. I love writing out recipes that I cook. I am good at it! I love sharing it with others so they become healthier versions of themselves. I love it all and the best part is I get to do it all from home. I get to be a stay at home momma who is doing her best to fill her cup and to be there for them while doing it!

***what is something that you are good at? Something that just comes easy to you and you love doing it? That is it then…that is your purpose my sweet friend. Now, go get it!

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