Realistic Goals

DON’T set yourself up for failure. Don’t make unrealistic goals. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks HOWEVER not overnight.

Let’s hear it for small goals this week…….

IF you have never worked out before or it has been years then set a goal to workout out 4 days this week- don’t say your going to workout everyday twice a day…

IF you have ate crappy the last month and you want to have a clean slate today. Then is today is the day to start—hear this….you have had the taste of sugar and junk for a month or longer -don’t expect the craving for it to go away—give in to it…HOWEVER- give in to it wisely…

Make a healthy version of a food you love….use my cookie dough recipe or my cauliflower pound cake.

Whatever it takes to make you not go back to the “junk” make these healthy options taste amazing so you wont be tempted.

Meal prep foods that you genuinely like….so you have eaten tacos and pizza and spaghetti for days—ok lets make them healthy……have taco salad- have zucchini pasta…..make a flat bread pizza (ask me)– tons of recipes here on my blog!

If you need a snack after dinner- CHOOSE wisely….but have it – so you don’t want crap—make my healthy granola or something that will satisfy you and plan for it.

DRINK YOUR WATER- hot lemon water- and water and tea even—drink it (half your body weight in oz)

GET YOUR WORKOUT IN TODAY_ get up and do it- I don’t care if you only do 10 minutes – just do it-!

DON’T BE SAD if you fell of the bandwagon- I have too before…. IT is hard- I know it is – to get back into the swing- but listen- there is a NEW YEAR coming in. Full of new adventures waiting for us- SO MANY possibilities right in front of us – so many options so many choices to make this year even better than last year… and YOU my friend- you are on the right path to the BEST YEAR YET!!

2019!!!! Let’s do this!

Hugs- AD

Click here to watch my how to get motivated video now!!…..

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