Want to move to an island?

If you told me you wanted to sell all of your stuff and move to an island for the rest of your life, I would say, when can I visit.

If you said that you are quitting your secure job to open a coffee shop, I would be the first in line.

If you told me that you are going skydiving because it was something you always wanted to do, I would say, where will you land, I want to be there.

If you said that you were cashing in your 401K to become and entrepreneur, I would say, how can I help get your name out.

If you said that you wanted to pick up and just move where no one knew you and start fresh, I would say, I totally understand.

If you said that you think that having faith is b.s. and you don’t think life is fair, I would say, I know, I have been there.

If you said that no one really understands you, I would say, let me try.

If you would say that it feels like somedays it is hard to just put one foot in front of the other, I would say, I have those days too.

If you said that you just wanted to feel support, I would be your number one fan.

If you were a total bee-otch to me I would think, you’re going through some tough sh$t.

If you felt you were majorly slacking in life, I would think, how can I help?

If you thought your marriage was not as perfect as the others you see, I would say, neither is mine.

If you thought your life would turn out differently than you had envisioned I would say, me too.

If you said you fell of the wagon on your new “healthy” way of living, I would day, I do too!

If you would say you just don’t feel like it, I would say, I get you.

If you said everyone seems to have it so much better, I would say, I have compared too.

I would not judge you. I would not throw stones. I would let you have your thoughts, your dreams, your hopes. I would listen. I would support. I would let you be you because that is who YOU ARE. Don’t try to be someone you are not to be liked. Be true to you. Be true to others. You will find where you are loved and supported. Be your authentic self. Don’t try to change. Don’t try to hide. Don’t think you are going this alone- we are all thinking and feeling things. Every one of us has hopes has dreams. We all have compared. We all have struggled. We all have. Even if it looks as though you are alone. I can assure you my friend. You are not alone. When you give in to who you really, truly are, that is when you can form the best relationships. That is when you find the people who are really, truly just like you. That is something that is priceless. As I always say to my closest friends or the ones struggling to be accepted. If the people that LIVE IN YOUR HOME are happy and YOU are happy. Then that is a TASK WELL WON my friend.

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