FEEL it… HEAL it…

here it is….so much truth to this…..When you allow yourself to feel it….to really deep down feel it…that is when the real healing happens..

I am notorious for shoving feelings down…I am notorious for staying super duper busy to not think about it….I am notorious for acting like I am stronger than I sometimes am and for acting like “its fine” all the time…when sometimes it just is NOT fine….

I like to control things…I like to be in control…when I can’t control the outside world and the things that happen to me in my life I try to find other things to control….then I don’t have to think about the things that really deep down I struggle with…

I have been learning…I have been growing…I have been becoming myself…I have started to “deal” instead of shove down and hide….and it all started with these simple words…..

When you start to feel

You start to heal

let yourself deal- bring it to the surface….cry it out- talk it out- face it…that is when the healing process will begin for you.

hugs, Ad

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